Big Data Cloud and Analytics

Applied Technology Group provides the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community with Big Data solutions focusing on solving the industry’s most complex challenges with regards to massive data collections allowing for improved accessibility, usability and mission capability.  Applied Technology Group’s engineers are continuously recognized for their innovation and capability.

The emergence of massive Big Data has driven the need for cloud computing and cloud data stores.  Cloud, as we know it today, comes in several forms and is typically integrated into traditional architectures.  Applied Technology Group brings experience and expertise in both Public and Private Cloud architectures currently being utilized by the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.  We provide our customers with Subject Matter Experts in both Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) architectures as well as Proprietary Software architectures.

The ability to develop and run analytics against today’s massive Big Data repositories has enhanced our nation’s ability to analyze, protect, predict and initiate action based on our adversary’s data patterns.  Applied Technology Group is intimately involved as subject matter experts developing complex analytics and algorithms to support both SIGINT and HUMINT intelligence to the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.